Punk rock slayed my life.

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Muncie Bumz Podcast - Episode 2

This podcast got drunk towards the end. Although every band is awesome - I got a little hazy and Nic tried to keep it all together. We talked about my landlord, what happens to good friends when they here Rancid Hell Spawn, cremation songs, Black History Month, and a inebriated interface run-through. The more I drank - the more I kept mixing songs together for no reason and messing with buttons. Still - a stellar 2nd podcast. Listen to it, ya dum dum. Here’s the playlist:

Muncie Bumz Podcast: Episode 2 by Jannell Jannelljannell on Mixcloud

Listen above or download here.

-Fuknots - Feedback in Em
-Willie Nelson - Gotta get Drunk
-Stiv Bators - I Want to Forget you just the way you are
-Rancid Hell Spawn - A Trip to the Worm Farm
-Chamber Brothers - Uptown
-Groundhog - Take it Off
-Oh Sees - Putrifiers
-Gun Club - Bad America
-Ty Segal - White Fence
-The Woods - Is it Honest?   
-Dark Times - Talk to Much
-Guided by Voices
-Slices - Trying to Make a Living
-Headcoats - I can destroy all your love
-Scholastic Deth - Book Attack
-Shannon and the Clams - I Don’t Wanna be in a Cult No More
-Japanther - Charlie Hustle (Free Pete Rose)
-Eddy Current Suppression Ring - I’ve Got a Feeling
-Husker Du - Something I Learned Today
-Sonny and the Sunsets - Too Young to Burn
-Jokers - Moscow Guitar

(above) The Chamber Brothers

(above) The Woods

I’m trying to make my moleskin into a less inhibited place. I’m always worried about “wasting,” pages in it because I prefer sketching in micron pen and, well, I do that drunk sometimes. Here are a few recent pages - mostly done in bed or at the bar. Must. draw. every. day.

Flier for my show in May. Had fun doodling this one out.

Flier for my show in May. Had fun doodling this one out.